If there’s Wine In My Sippy Cup, I may be In Deep Shitake! Two Clever Titles available FREE* today!

Wine in my Sippy Cup Rated #1 in Humor and #2 in Women’s Fiction (Amazon). 4.9 out of 5 stars from 19 reviews. Reg. digital price: $2.99

A sophisticated, put together career woman prior to having kids, now Liz Cartwright is lucky to go to the bathroom by herself, much less get out of the house wearing matching shoes and a clean shirt. While she is preoccupied with the sometimes mind-numbing responsibilities of motherhood, her husband is becoming increasingly distant and preoccupied with work, giving Liz the distinct impression that she is losing her husband along with her sense of identity. Armed with a book on spicing up her sex life purchased at a sex toy party and the help of her three best girlfriends, Liz embarks on an all-out attempt to rejuvenate her marriage and find personal fulfillment.


*In Deep Shitake (A Humorous Romantic Suspense) (Shitake Mystery Series) is available FREE to PRIME MEMBERS ONLY – Reg. digital price of $.99 applies to all other users.

Take one devastatingly handsome movie star.
Add one outrageously sexy female private eye with a penchant for food-word obscenities.
Mix in a dose of mistaken identity and a handful of Russian mobsters…And they’re all In Deep Shitake.
From the award-winning author, Patricia Mason comes this hot and humorous romantic suspense, In Deep Shitake


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